Website redesign for the epicenter of American bonsai arts.

Mirai is the home of Ryan Neil’s innovative practice exploring the connection of art, culture and our environment through the lens of bonsai.

Building off the brand and original website from OMFGCO, Adam Bagerski and I re-imagined the design and content strategy of Mirai's digital presence.

The re-designed experience is structured around the brand’s latest endeavor, Mirai Live, a hub for online bonsai education.

The imagery of photographers Chris Hornbecker, Arthur Hitchcock and filmmaker Ricardo Nagaoka beautifully represent the masterwork of Mirai and its collaborators.


A flexible and robust email marketing toolkit serves as a cornerstone of Mirai's connection with their loyal consumer base.

Site redesign completed while at “This” design under the creative direction of Adam Bagerski. Website production and management by Kendall Strautman. Development by Nathan Jackson, Hega, Graybox and Charlie Simpson. Email development by Mason Medeiros.